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"Follow My Bets Live" 

In the last few years of running this website, many people asked for live demonstrations etc, much time was required for just demonstrating a few predictions for a single individual etc

Which lead me onto do a few live demos, just to show people I am a real person who plays live roulette for real, as still to this day many people think I am not a person.

However, this year, I am dedicating one day per week, in a completely new free service

I calling it, FOLLOW MY BETS

As many people know, I am nationally barred from the majority of UK Land Casinos, so I am limited where I can visit, to much time and planning is required, compared to that time when I could just go and enjoy roulette at any local casino.

So, I am limited to playing online, keeping in mind that many of the land casinos also have online entitys, which also means restrictions for me.

As many people have started to realise my predictive system has had a massive impact, so much so that one major manufacturer of roulette wheels, who provide wheels for land casinos and online casino have
actually started to invent electronic roulette wheels, called RRS funnily enough, But its not RRSYS like my system, there new wheel is called MERCURY 360 RRS, (random rotor speed)


Basically, as the site above states, there has been an increase of advantage players, who can predict roulette,

Anyway, luckily for most general public, many LAND CASINO in the UK at least are licenced under the UK gambling commission, and for the mean time, most LAND CASINOs here in UK, still
have GENUINE REAL STANDARD ROULETTE WHEELS, with no tricks or gimmicks

And luckily enough, there are some ONLINE CASINOS ALSO, that have not yet upgraded to these NASTY DEVIL WHEELS!

Which is why I recommened a few casinos in my ebook and ebook listing page www.payhip.com/rrsys

Anyway, back to FOLLOW MY BETS

This totally free service, basically means, free to join, no fees to pay, you simply join one or all of the below casinos, then contact me by email (system@rrsys.info, or using the contact me link) let me know the username you create for each link (#1, #2 & #3)

I will be playing at one casino, once per week, for this free session of FOLLOW MY BETS

As long as you contact me, with your username, so I know who I am talking to on the LIVE CASINO CHAT

I will announce what numbers I am predicting, so you are FREE TO FOLLOW MY BETS, should you wish to either watch, or join in and bet with me...

If you choose to follow my bets, remember that you choose how much you wish to bet,

Also, if you have not already invested in my 79.99 ebook (which will teach basics of my system, along with the method of covering the surrounding area of predicted number, it may be
worthwhile reading my book, just to get yourself ready, so you know how to follow my bets, as I will be only listing 2 numbers per spin (jackpot numbers), so you may want to
get ready in advance to know how to cover the area of my 2 jackpot predictions per spin./

So if your interested to watch, or follow my bets

Sign up and join these three casinos links, as these three sites I am going to be playing at once per week in this free service

once you are signed up, you will be ready to join in at the days notice I give via email reply to your username notification

Site #1

Site #2

Site #3

Site #4


site #4 is good for the French, GCC & Malaysian players

notice- again my appologies for the very unprofessional website, but I am NOT COMPUTER EDUCATED, and I am just greatful for being able to have a website and email address that people can contact me on 24/7 from all around the world.


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